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One of our featured stamps is show above. Click Featured Stamps for a complete list with descriptions and full-scale images.

Incentive Discounts
Customers spending over £100 per order will automatically receive a 10% discount. Orders over £250 will attract 12½%. This will rise to 15% for order over £500 and to 20% for orders over £750. This does not apply to wants!

Payment Options
There are three ways you can pay:
1. Credit/Debit Card: 
You can pay by credit or debit card. I will provide payment details in your order confirmation email.
2. Direct Deposit (Sterling): 
You can pay direct into our HSBC account. Details are included in your confirmation email.
2. Direct Deposit (Euro): Customers in the Eurozone can pay by direct transfer into our Cyprus bank account Details are included in our confirmation email.

In all cases, I will advise the total due net of any out-of-stock items and incentive discount (in Euros for customers choosing option 3).


Welcome to Sage Stamps - a website dedicated to the collector of quality stamps of the British Commonwealth.

Sage Stamps is dedicated to the collector of stamps of the British Commonwealth.

We have been stamp dealers for over 20 years and have an inventory of over 12,000 stamps. Our website provides on-line access to a database of over 30,000 stamp descriptions ranging from those of Queen Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth II.

Using the Website

  • Use Stamp Search to locate and purchase stamps
  • Let us have your Wants List for those elusive items
  • Check What's New for recently added stock
  • We also list items from time to time on eBay

Anything to sell

Should you have any British Commonwealth to sell, used or mixed used and mint, single items or collections, please contact us at info@sagestamps.co.uk. 


Stamp Images
I endeavour to scan any stamp over a certain price, but I am happy to scan any item. Simply email me at info@sagestamps.co.uk with the country and catalogue number of any stamps you would like to see images for.